Thursday, April 2, 2009

I finally took the plunge!

Here we are after. We are def physically clean and hopefully spiritually also.

This is JD and I before we were both dipped.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All dogs go to heaven- they absolutely must.

I think my husband I could officially be classified as dog lovers, and I do mean the crazy people that think dogs are humans. I have always loved animals in general. I’m not as biased as some people, who have to like either cats or dogs, but not both. I would have a cat, but I’m allergic to most. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have an animal. Charity and I both had cats when we were younger. Andy (my black cat) and Jodi (My sister’s white cat). We have more pictures of them together, than any other animal. I remember feeding Jodi with an eye dropped when his jaw was broke on a various hit and run. Both were eventually killed on the street but we had them for quite a few years. After Andy came Toto. My grandmother gave her to me on my 8th birthday. She was a tiny little mutt with a lot of hair. My brother always had “coon” dogs for hunting and I would get so attached to them. They never lasted long, mainly because we lived near a road and in the country. Present day my sister April has a rat terrier (Spike), my sister Bessie has a Chiuaua (Harley) and my sister Charity has a cat (Lily). JD and I have some kind of beagle mutt mix- Odin. We also partially claim Neo; he is a rotty-mix that lives with JD’s parents. They are basically identical in color and markings, although Neo is about 50x bigger than Odin. Neo is horse sized and as docile as a sloth, Odin on the other hand gets irked at the neighbors for slamming their car door. He actually pushes Neo around in his own home. (Odin-party animal, Neo -bottom)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy 91st Birthday Grandma and All Dogs do really go to Heaven.

Two things my older sister and I have in common, one is the obvious fat cheeks. The other thing is that we share the same soul, or at least come close to it. She has been a brunette a few times, and I have been a blonde a few times, but we always go back to her being the blonde, and me being the dishwater brunette. I think that suits us both. Yesterday we went to my great grandmother's house and celebrated her birthday. We took a ton of pictures, but this one has JD and my sister both in, so I decided to use it. ( I realize the only two people this picture flatters is JD and my grandma) My grandmother is one of the most simple, laid back people that I know. She still lives alone and is very independent. She has survived 3 husbands and one son, and still manages to care for people that are in need. My cousin "Ducky" stopped by and we had a great time remembering our childhood and sneaking into my grandma's deep freeze for ice cream. Looking back at my childhood, I realize I grew up with my cousins being like siblings. Every summer My sister Charity, Bub John, Cousin Faith, Cousin Ducky and I would have the best time together. Of course once my two little sisters and younger cousin came along, we added Bessie, April and Dane to the mix. We were together from daylight to dark, every weekend and summer. We went through many animals and somehow got on the subject of animals last night. My cousin Ducky was telling me about his dog that got parvo and that he had to shoot it on Thursday. This leads into what I believe to be true, and that is that all dogs go to heaven. I will continue this thought another day....

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hi Guys

JD and I in Niagara. This was the start of the engagement! I can't seem to get away from the mullet :)